Skinny Russian chick gets more than just a sensual massage

Of course Markeeta knew what the freebie was when she went to a massage salon and availed of the service. Seeing that her masseur has his huge cock trying to desperately peek out from under his clothing while giving her oiled up naked body gentle caresses and feeling this dude’s fingers between her legs and eventually ending up inside her pussy, she knew she made the right decision of not joining her friends in watching a boring movie and just pamper herself for a change. She got so excited in an instant as she spreads her legs wide while this wild hung jock started going crazy finger-banging her pussy to make her squirt. This was a success and so they went on the next phase of the massage program, fucking each other up, making sure all their muscles are at work and they sweat it out pretty damn good. Aside from getting oiled up and being extra wet with their sweat and squirt, they finish off this wild quickie with a load of hot spunk, which earned this naughty ripped dude some nice fat tip. This may be the first time Markeeta has experienced this type of a massage and she says she will be back often and expect more action on her next visit.

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