Heavy-chested brunette masturbates in public library

Not all who enter a library are geeks. This gorgeous big-tittied brunette hottie just broke that silly myth by doing something else while inside this supposedly quiet and peaceful environment. Though she may not be the first you watch do this, it is always fun to see cunts as pretty as her to be recording risky naughty stuff like this and with the most unexpected outcome. She didn’t just flash those huge breasts for her online lover nor did she just spread her legs and finger her wet snatch, she actually ended up filming herself in this library’s toilet too as she finishes off with her pussy-play. She wasn’t even into books and reading but she took on a dare in doing something as wild in public and she enjoyed it. At first she admits that she was nervous as fuck but she got more and more excited and feeling fierce with every moment she flash those tits and give her twins a squeeze. Spreading her stems wasn’t too hard at all, she says, since most people in the library were looking away from where she’s at. But she did get so horny that she wanted to step it up a notch and masturbate in the public restroom. She was successful making herself and her BF cum and wanted to do this again!

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